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The Fight for Education
Angie Ostojic is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, a loving wife and mother and a great coach. She started with a humble beginning, born and raised in the Philippines.
At a very young age, Angie experienced walking barefoot through long distances just to get to school. Her family was living in such a deep state of poverty that it was so difficult to even afford a pair of sandals. She would fetch water for people so that she could buy clothes, and wash her neighbor’s clothes in exchange for food. 
Upon entering High School, she was told that she would have to support herself to continue her studies. Angie worked hard to get good grades and to qualify for a sponsorship. Her prayers were answered when a charity called the Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) chose to sponsor her education. She was bullied by her classmates for being so skinny and not having anything to eat during lunch breaks. After class, Angie would work at the farm to help her parents. Despite being exhausted from a full day of school and farm work, she would soak her feet at night so that she could stay up late and study to maintain high grades for her scholarship.
In University, Angie was once again granted another scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. In order to pay for board and lodging, she cleaned washrooms in her university until 11 to 12 at night. She persevered despite being ridiculed by her classmates for being a toilet cleaner. They nominated her as a secretary to force her to speak in front of the student body. “Here comes the toilet girl”, they said, but they were shocked when she spoke in English and received more votes than the student president-elect. It was at this moment that Angie promised never to look down on herself again.
Early Career:
Angie first left the Philippines to work as a domestic helper in the Middle East. After three years, she incurred a life-threatening illness and was forced to return back home. After her health was restored, she worked in Hong Kong for another two and a half years as a domestic helper, before finally moving to Canada to work as a caregiver. When she arrived here, she had $50 in her pocket with a little English.
After over 3 years of being a caregiver, she decided to launch her sales career as soon as she received permanent residency status in Canada. She started selling vacuums, and for almost a month she never had a sale and made zero commissions. With time, her worries grew as there was no way for her to pay her bills or send money to support her family in the Philippines. With persistence and resilience, however, her hard work eventually enabled her to sell five units in one day, which broke records within the company.
Breakthrough in Business:
Angie continued to pursue her business endeavors while balancing marriage and kids. She worked as an Avon representative in the day and as a waitress at night, while she was raising her children. She sold jewelry and did cleaning jobs on the side until she was introduced to network marketing. And the rest, they say, is history. Since joining Combined Insurance, Angie has been able to help her husband retire at the age of 48, and is leading a life filled with passion and success.
Angie’s struggle with poverty from childhood to adulthood gave her the fighting spirit to continue, but it was the helping hand of the Church and charities that gave Angie the tools to finish her education and change her life. The Giving Heart Foundation is her own way of giving back and helping the poor, especially the children, to earn an education and a safe living space. All children deserve a good future, but only some are given the tools to succeed. The Giving Heart Foundation wants to bridge that gap.


AO Giving Heart's mission is to ensure people across the world, especially children, have access to eduction and safe living conditions.



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